Spring Illusions

Leaves bound around my feet as I trail in the falling snow.
They skirt across my path, darting by me playfully,
as if under careful instruction from the dormant squirrel or an off-duty robin.

Huddled sparrows adorn each branch,
their wings – shivering leaves, keeping the tree company.
Their eyes – as numerous as stars,
follow me down the path, making sure I don’t break
Her illusion, Her polar mirage, Her dormant play.
A failed re-enactment that is in itself beautiful.

Wear your disguise a little longer, I think before retreating to the fire.
Quite soon you won’t have to pretend.

Harry Bright, A Flock Of Sparrows And A Robin Perched On A Holy Branch

Harry Bright, A Flock Of Sparrows And A Robin Perched On A Holy Branch



Oh you towering Giants,
don’t you dare crumble
before I’ve peered past your heads.

Metro Narcissist


In stained red fabric I take my seat
as doors around me shudder shut.
A bitter stench of sweat and urine
stumbles into the adjacent chair.
Telltale signs of spirits.

He’s standing at the exit,
pouring music from his belt.
Shoulder blades bouncing under his leather jacket,
as he dances with the dapper man outside the door.
He shakes his ass, half exposed,
falling deeper in love with the echo of his beat.

December Coffee


Trapped inside a coffee cup,
He can’t fall asleep
But he can’t get up.


wind and waves

Trees shudder in furious protest
Nursing immobilized hands in warm pockets
A hint of ocean in the spray
The wolves are out tonight

A Hundred Feet

One hundred feet

A hundred feet,
Lined up all neat,
Sat down to eat
And share a tweet

“Oh, what a treat!”
“It was quite sweet!”
“To cook, a feat!
This big red beet!”

They’d then compete,
Without deceit,
How quick the meat,
They could deplete!

A stationed fleet,
They’ve got no suite.
Took to the street
To flee the heat

But the Elite
Would smile discreet –
He had a seat
On cold concrete!

Now all replete,
Their meal complete,
Time to retreat
Those hundred feet.

In Other Worlds

Other Worlds


I’ve heard a word about this world of which you so softly speak,

Where everyone halts and finds no faults and nothing is so bleak.

Where I could tout and I could talk and say all that’s on my mind,

And it’d be true – through and through – no hidden roots for you to find.

Honest back and forth – from henceforth – to such a place I gladly would belong!

But as I write, could it be right? Perhaps I’ve lived there all along.